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Update on Monkey Creek Fire in Hardeman County: 800 Acres, 25% Contained

Hardeman County is facing a challenging fire situation as the Monkey Creek Fire has now spread to an estimated 800 acres and is currently 25% contained. As temperatures continue to rise, the fire is becoming more active, complicating efforts to bring it under control.

In response, aircraft have been deployed to assist ground crews in handling flare-ups and hot spots. Dozers are also making progress on building containment lines to prevent further spread of the fire.

Local authorities are urging residents to stay informed and follow any evacuation or safety instructions provided. Firefighters are working diligently to contain the blaze, but the situation remains fluid.

Continued updates will be provided as the situation develops. Those in the affected area are encouraged to stay vigilant and adhere to any guidance from local emergency services.

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