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Video: Conroe ISD Bus Driver Accused of Brutally Beating Student with Intellectual Disability

(CONROE, TEXAS) – A deeply unsettling incident involving a Conroe Independent School District (ISD) bus driver and a foster child is causing shock and outrage across the community and online. The child, identified only as Mike, is reportedly low-functioning with a serious intellectual disability and is now in the emergency room with a possible concussion following the attack.

According to witnesses, the bus driver verbally abused the students on the bus, all of whom are foster children, before the incident escalated. The driver reportedly told the children that they were in Child Protective Services (CPS) because “nobody wants to put up with them.” Mike, becoming anxious, tried to exit the bus, which led to the brutal beating.

Witnesses assert that Mike never once fought back during the assault. A tweet detailing the incident included hashtags such as #PublicSchool, #ConroeISD, #ProtectTexasKids, #ProtectKids, and #busdriver, urging the community to take action.

The incident has drawn even more attention as Conroe ISD is currently in the midst of attempting to pass a 2 billion dollar bond.

Grizzys Hood News initially brought attention to the video, and the story has since gained traction, with many demanding justice for Mike and accountability for the bus driver’s actions.

Conroe ISD has not yet made a public statement, but the community is calling for a thorough investigation and appropriate measures against the bus driver.

The incident raises serious questions about the safety and well-being of students within the school district, particularly those with special needs or in vulnerable situations such as foster care.

As the situation unfolds, there is a collective call from the community to ensure that such a traumatic incident never happens again and that all children in the district are protected and treated with dignity and respect.

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