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Quadruple Shooting in Washington Park Leaves Two in Critical Condition

(WASHINGTON PARK, CHICAGO) – A violent incident erupted at 5703 S King Drive in Washington Park, leaving a possible four individuals wounded, two of them in critical condition.

The victims include:

  • A 52-year-old male, suffering gunshot wounds to the chest and face, listed in critical condition.
  • An 18-year-old male, shot in the thigh and buttocks, also in critical condition.
  • Another 18-year-old male, with injuries to the leg and torso.
  • A 16-year-old boy, wounded in the leg.

The crime scene, littered with at least 22 shell casings according to eyewitnesses and stained with blood, paints a grim picture of the violence that unfolded. The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear, and authorities are actively investigating the incident.

Residents in the area are urged to be cautious, and anyone with information about the crime is encouraged to come forward.

The city continues to grapple with gun violence, and this latest incident underscores the urgent need for community intervention and support. As the investigation progresses, the hope is that those responsible will be swiftly brought to justice, and the community can begin to heal.

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