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DC Police Investigate two carjackings within minutes of each other

WASHINGTON, D.C. – DC Police are on the scene investigating a carjacking incident that occurred at the intersection of 6th & Massachusetts Avenue N.W. A Mitsubishi Outlander was stolen along with personal items, including a passport and phone.

The incident was reported after two individuals forcibly took the vehicle and fled the scene. As of the initial investigation, it is unknown whether a weapon was produced during the carjacking.

The police have not released information on the suspects or the victim at this time. The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with information about the incident is urged to contact the D.C. Police Department.

A second carjacking incident has been reported within minutes of a prior event in the nation’s capital, raising concerns over public safety.

The second incident took place in the 1500 block of E. Capitol Street N.E., where two individuals forcibly took a Toyota Camry. At the time of the initial investigation, it is unknown whether a weapon was involved in the crime.

The D.C. Police Department is actively investigating both carjackings, but no immediate connections between the two incidents have been established.

Both events share similarities, as in both cases, the victims’ vehicles were taken by two individuals, and it is unclear if weapons were used.

The investigation into both matters is ongoing, and the D.C. Police Department is urging anyone with information about these incidents to come forward. The authorities are taking these reports seriously and are working to ensure public safety and bring those responsible to justice.

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