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Family Disturbance in Harris County Results in Arrest of Two Sisters

HARRIS COUNTY, TX, August 22, 2023 – A family disturbance escalated into violence and legal action today when Precinct 3 Deputies responded to a call in the 10300 block of Leafy Autumn. The incident began with an argument about an existing warrant, culminating in one step-daughter striking her step-father in the head with a lamp.

Upon arrival, deputies conducted an investigation and subsequently contacted the District Attorney’s Office. The office accepted an “assault-family member” charge against the step-daughter, Celeste Alley, who was placed under arrest and transported to the Harris County Jail.

Following further investigation, Precinct 3 Deputies located the other step-daughter, Cienna Alley, who had an existing “aggravated assault” warrant. She was also taken into custody and transported to the Harris County Jail.

The incident underscores the serious nature of family disturbances and the importance of law enforcement intervention in volatile domestic situations. Further legal proceedings are anticipated as the case continues to unfold.

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