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The Woodlands Firefighters Rescue Kitten Trapped in Storm Sewer

THE WOODLANDS, TX – Just after 7 a.m. this morning, residents of Thicket Grove Place in Harpers Landing were alerted by what they believed to be a cat crying out from the storm sewer, though they were unable to locate it. TWFD Engine 106 was dispatched to the scene, and upon arrival, firefighters also heard the yowling of a cat from the gutter.

After opening two manholes located on opposite sides of the street, firefighters determined that the cat was trapped in a cross pipe underneath the middle of the street. Several attempts to coax the cat using traditional methods failed, leading firefighters to employ a gentle approach with a hoseline.

Firefighter Delany entered one manhole with a hoseline and carefully opened it, driving the frightened feline into Firefighter Fryer’s waiting net. The “cat” turned out to be a very vocal kitten.

The rescued kitten was handed over to resident Austin Carter, who had made the original call. The community was informed that the kitten had already found a forever home, thanks to the quick and compassionate response of The Woodlands Fire Department.

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