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Eminem’s Label BMI Issues Cease and Desist to Vivek Ramaswamy Over Use of Music in 2024 Campaign

NEW YORK, NY, August 28, 2023 – Music publishing company BMI, which represents rapper Eminem, has issued a cease and desist letter to entrepreneur and political figure Vivek Ramaswamy, instructing him to immediately stop using Eminem’s music in his 2024 presidential campaign. The letter from BMI states that any future use of the artist’s work by the campaign will be considered a “material breach” of their licensing agreement, reserving “all rights and remedies” regarding such a breach.

This action is not unprecedented in the realm of American politics. Musicians often object to the use of their songs by political campaigns without prior authorization, citing concerns about implied endorsement or the use of their art for purposes they did not intend.

The cease and desist letter emphasizes the potential legal ramifications if the Vivek 2024 campaign continues to use Eminem’s music, signaling BMI’s preparedness to enforce their intellectual property rights rigorously. It remains to be seen how this will impact the campaign or whether legal action will be initiated if the campaign does not comply.

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