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Mini Super Buk-II’s Changes Branding Following Legal Battle with Buc-ee’s

MATAMOROS, MEXICO, SEPTEMBER 7, 2023 – Mexican convenience store Mini Super Buk-II’s has altered its branding in response to a legal dispute with Texas-based gas station chain Buc-ee’s. The legal action was initiated due to the Matamoros-based store’s usage of a name and logo strikingly similar to that of Buc-ee’s, raising concerns over potential trademark infringements and customer confusion.

As part of the settlement, Mini Super Buk-II’s has undertaken a rebranding initiative to establish a distinct and separate identity from Buc-ee’s. The move is designed to prevent further legal complications and foster a harmonious business environment. The specifics of the agreement have not been disclosed, with both businesses aiming to move forward independently, focusing on serving their respective clientele with their individual brand identities.

While the revamp signifies the end of the legal turmoil between the two entities, it marks a new beginning for Mini Super Buk-II’s as it navigates the market with its newly established brand identity. The swift response to changing its branding showcases the store’s commitment to adhering to legal norms while focusing on its business operations in Matamoros, Mexico.

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