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Texas A&M Forest Service Assists in Containing Shackelford County Wildfire

SHACKELFORD COUNTY, TX, SEPTEMBER 9, 2023 – The Texas A&M Forest Service has been mobilized to assist local forces in Shackelford County, where the Cactus Fire is currently wreaking havoc. According to the latest updates, the wildfire has already consumed an estimated 150 acres of land.

As of now, efforts to contain the fire are ongoing, with approximately 25% of the wildfire being contained. The forest service alongside local firefighting units are working diligently to prevent further spread and minimize damage to the surrounding areas.

The community is urged to stay informed and heed any warnings or advisories issued by local authorities. Emergency services are encouraging individuals to report any new information that may assist in battling the fire and to remain prepared for any potential evacuation notices. The priority remains to secure the safety of residents and their properties in the affected and surrounding areas.

Updates on the situation will continue as more information becomes available, with teams on the ground regularly assessing the condition and progression of the fire.

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