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Loose Goats in Aldine Westfield and Wood River Area Captured and Returned to Owners

ALDINE, Texas, September 11, 2023 – Early this morning, Corporal Gheen and Deputy Boots from Constable Mark Herman’s Office successfully captured two loose goats that were wandering in the Aldine Westfield and Wood River area.

The officers managed to secure the goats without any harm, ensuring the safety of both the animals and the residents in the vicinity. Following the capture, efforts were made to identify and locate the owners of the goats.

The initiative ended on a positive note as the goats were eventually reunited with their owners, thereby resolving the incident swiftly and safely. The timely response from Corporal Gheen and Deputy Boots played a crucial role in the successful resolution of the incident, showcasing the commitment of Constable Mark Herman’s office to serve the community in a variety of capacities.

No injuries were reported, and the goats are now safely back in the custody of their owners. The incident stands as a testament to the readiness and versatility of the law enforcement officers in responding to diverse situations, ensuring the safety and harmony of the community.

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