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Person in Distress Rescued from Top of Crane on 300 Block of W 6th Street

AUSTIN, Texas, September 11, 2023 – Earlier today, emergency services responded to a distress call involving an individual threatening to jump from the top of a crane located at the 300 block of W 6th Street.

The Austin Fire Department and Austin Police Department collaborated in the rescue operation, managing to bring the person safely back over the railing, averting a potential tragedy. Currently, extrication planning is in process to bring the individual down securely, which is anticipated to be carried out via the crane.

As the operation continues, the authorities are utilizing their expertise to ensure the safety of the individual involved. The efforts of the Austin Fire Department and Austin Police Department are focused on successfully completing the rescue operation while maintaining the wellbeing of the person.

Details surrounding the individual’s circumstances remain undisclosed at the current time. Updates regarding the ongoing operation and the condition of the person will be made available as the situation unfolds. The public is advised to avoid the area to facilitate the smooth conduct of the rescue operation.

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