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MGM Resorts Grapple with Cybersecurity Issue Impacting Multiple Services

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, Sept. 11, 2023 – MGM Resorts, a prominent hotel and casino company, is undergoing a substantial cybersecurity crisis affecting several services across its properties in Las Vegas and other locations. The ongoing issue has seriously disrupted the regular functioning of amenities, including slot machines, ATM cash dispensers, and certain restaurant operations.

Guests at the resorts are currently unable to utilize services such as digital room keys, charging expenses to their rooms, and withdrawing cash from ATMs. The fallout from this cybersecurity incident stretches beyond the Las Vegas properties, reaching MGM locations across different regions including MGM Springfield, MGM National Harbor, and the Empire City Casino.

As of now, the extent of the cybersecurity breach and its potential repercussions for guests and the company remain unclear. The crisis management team at MGM Resorts is working diligently to address and resolve the issue promptly. However, there is no confirmed timeframe for when the services will be fully restored.

Guests and patrons are advised to remain patient as the company navigates this unprecedented crisis. MGM Resorts is committed to resolving the issue and ensuring the safety and security of its guests’ information.

Stakeholders and patrons are encouraged to stay tuned for updates as the situation is continuously evolving. The company will be issuing statements as more details emerge and progress is made in resolving the current crisis.

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