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Texas A&M Forest Service Responds to Growing Gun Smoke Fire in Starr County

STARR COUNTY, TX, Sept. 11, 2023 – The Texas A&M Forest Service is urgently responding to a call for assistance as the #GunsmokeFire continues to blaze uncontrollably in Starr County. As of the latest update, the wildfire has already consumed an estimated 300 acres of land, with no containment reported.

Firefighting resources are being mobilized to battle the rapidly spreading fire and protect the surrounding communities. The zero percent containment signals a significant challenge ahead for the firefighters as they work tirelessly to bring the fire under control.

Authorities are urging residents in the affected and neighboring areas to stay alert to updates and be prepared to evacuate if instructed. Residents are also advised to report any new information that could assist in combating the fire and to adhere to any safety guidelines issued.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation as emergency services focus their efforts on containing the fire and protecting lives and property in the region.

Further updates regarding the #GunsmokeFire will be disseminated as more information becomes available. The community is urged to support each other during this challenging time and to cooperate fully with emergency services to ensure safety for all.

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