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Police Pursuit Leads to Arrest of Burglary Suspects

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TX – September 13, 2023 – In the early hours of Sunday morning at approximately 2:25 a.m., night shift officers in Montgomery County, Texas, found themselves in the midst of a dramatic sequence of events that resulted in the apprehension of burglary suspects and the recovery of valuable stolen property.

The incident began when officers were concluding a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) investigation. At that moment, the on-duty sergeant observed a white Toyota SUV traveling northbound on the I-45 service road without its headlights on and at a high rate of speed. The sergeant decided to follow the vehicle and eventually caught up with it near St. Luke’s Hospital. When he attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the SUV accelerated, initiating a pursuit.

Simultaneously, officers received a distressing call regarding a burglary at Zales in the Portofino Shopping Center. Witnesses reported several individuals smashing glass cases and making off with jewelry items.

The pursuit of the white SUV continued until it was halted in the 400 block of Nursery Rd. A deputy from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office effectively deployed road spikes, deflating the vehicle’s tires. Subsequently, all occupants of the SUV fled on foot. Inside the vehicle, officers discovered stolen jewelry items and burglary tools, confirming its involvement in the recent burglary at Zales.

While two adult males, one from Katy and the other from Houston, were swiftly taken into custody, a third suspect initially eluded capture. However, he was later located by an MCSO deputy in the vicinity where the pursuit had concluded.

The three suspects, including a 15-year-old juvenile male, were arrested and charged with Burglary of a Building. Additionally, the driver of the fleeing SUV was charged with Evading in a Vehicle. Notably, law enforcement was able to recover nearly $18,000 worth of stolen jewelry, which was subsequently returned to Zales staff.

The Shenandoah Police Department commends its patrol shift for their proactive disruption of criminal activity and expresses gratitude for the valuable assistance provided by local agency partners, including the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, Oak Ridge North Police Department, and Texas Highway Patrol. These enduring partnerships have played a pivotal role in maintaining a high level of service to the citizens and business partners of Shenandoah and Montgomery County, underscoring the importance of collaboration in law enforcement efforts.

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