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Car Engulfed in Flames After Crash; Two Texas City Officers Injured During Rescue

TEXAS CITY, TX, September 17, 2023 – A car was engulfed in flames following a crash that took place Saturday evening, leaving two Texas City officers injured while they heroically rescued the driver.

At approximately 7:45 PM, local authorities received a distress call and rapidly arrived at the scene where they found a vehicle aflame, having crashed into a structure believed to be an air quality monitoring station. Officers swiftly initiated a rescue operation to extract the driver from the burning car.

The driver, who was successfully rescued from the vehicle, was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. The current state of the driver’s injuries remains unclear.

Texas City Police Chief Landis Cravens confirmed that two officers sustained minor injuries during the rescue endeavor. Thankfully, they were treated on site and avoided severe harm. The involved vehicle endured substantial damage from the incident. Meanwhile, authorities are yet to ascertain the level of damage inflicted on the air quality monitoring station.

The cause behind this severe crash is actively under investigation. As authorities work to unravel the details surrounding this incident, they maintain a commitment to transparency and will release further information as the probe progresses. It remains a priority to determine the circumstances that led to this tragic event, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the Texas City community.

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