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Second Alarm Fire in Loganville Boro: Heavy Fire and Possible Entrapment

LOGANVILLE BORO, PA, YORK COUNTY, September 19, 2023 – A significant fire incident is unfolding at a residential dwelling located at 56 S Main Street in Loganville Boro, with heavy fire reported on the “A-side” of the building and possible entrapment.

Emergency services are currently mounting a second-alarm response to effectively manage the situation. The call for a heightened response comes in light of the severe fire engulfing a substantial portion of the dwelling, coupled with distressing reports of possible entrapment.

Fire departments are working assiduously to bring the fire under control and initiate rescue operations. The situation necessitates a swift and robust response, with teams focused on executing search and rescue operations to locate and evacuate any individuals who may be trapped inside the affected building.

Authorities have cordoned off the area to secure the site and facilitate uninterrupted rescue and fire suppression operations. Residents in the vicinity are urged to remain vigilant and adhere to any directives and guidelines issued by the authorities.

Medical services are on standby, ready to attend to any individuals requiring medical attention, reinforcing the rescue operations with necessary medical aid.

Given the gravity of the situation, detailed information regarding the cause of the fire and the extent of the damages remain under wraps, with priority accorded to rescue and containment efforts. Official statements delineating the full scope of the incident are expected to follow once the situation is stabilized.

The local community is advised to steer clear of the affected area to ensure the safety of all involved and to facilitate emergency service operations. Continuous updates on the development of the situation can be expected from official channels and local news outlets.

We continue to urge the public to stay informed through reliable sources and to cooperate fully with the emergency service personnel working at the scene. Further information will be disseminated as it becomes available.

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