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Lyft to Reduce Driver Payouts Amidst Soaring Inflation

October 11, 2023 – As inflation continues to rise across the United States, Lyft has announced a restructuring of its ride offerings that will result in lower payments for drivers. Effective October 18, 2023, through the beginning of November 2023, the ride-hailing company is discontinuing its Preferred and Lux options in favor of a new category called “Extra Comfort.” This new mode will be available in select regions only.

Lyft cited the rationale for these changes as an effort to “simplify and improve” its platform. According to the company, the existing multiplicity of ride options has led to fewer requests for Lux and Preferred rides, thereby reducing earnings for drivers. This move comes at a time when the U.S. is grappling with high inflation rates, which have raised the cost of living, including the expenses incurred by Lyft drivers for vehicle maintenance, gas, and other operational costs.

Ride preferences for drivers will be automatically updated in the Lyft Driver app once the changes take effect. To be eligible for Extra Comfort rides, drivers must meet specific criteria including having completed at least 100 trips and maintaining a minimum rating of 4.85, among other requirements.

The list of eligible vehicles for the Extra Comfort category is extensive, covering various makes and models from 2018 or newer. However, this restructuring has drawn criticism for timing, as drivers are already facing financial strain due to escalating costs linked to inflation.

The company confirmed that it would notify drivers of the changes post-October 18, and those who had received notice about a “driving exception or bonus” in September will receive specific information in the follow-up email.

The restructuring raises questions about the sustainability and fairness of the gig economy, particularly in a challenging economic environment. It remains to be seen how these changes will impact Lyft drivers and whether competitors like Uber will follow suit.

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