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Attempted ATM Theft at Chase Bank Thwarted; One Suspect Detained in Fulshear

FULSHEAR, TEXAS, Oct. 20, 2023 – An early morning attempted theft at a Chase Bank ATM was thwarted thanks to a promptly triggered alarm and the rapid response from Fulshear Police and other local authorities. The incident took place around 3:45 a.m. at 5210 FM 1463.

Surveillance video showed a truck backing up to the ATM with chains. Three suspects, all wearing hoodies and face coverings, attempted to remove the ATM. The truck used in the attempted theft was later identified by Fulshear authorities as stolen.

The suspects abandoned their mission prematurely, damaging both the ATM and their getaway vehicle before leaving the scene. The abandoned truck was subsequently located by officers.

Fulshear Police, along with other agencies, responded quickly to the triggered alarm. A drone was deployed to assist in a thorough search for additional suspects. One individual was located and detained in the Cross Creek Ranch neighborhood, situated to the south of the bank.

Officers will remain in the area for several more hours to collect additional evidence. They are specifically looking for any discarded clothing that the suspects may have shed while fleeing the scene.

Residents are encouraged to be on high alert and to report any suspicious activities or objects to the authorities. If anyone discovers discarded clothing or other potential evidence, they are asked to contact Fulshear Police at 281-346-2202.

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