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Constable’s Office Rescues Abandoned Dog in Hunter’s Glen Park

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS – A heartwarming act of kindness was demonstrated by Deputy Becerra of Constable Mark Herman’s Office, Precinct 4, who rescued an abandoned dog in Hunter’s Glen local park. The dog was found tied to a tree, left alone without care.

Deputy Becerra took immediate action, ensuring the safety of the dog by transporting it to a shelter where it will be cared for and made available for adoption. This act underscores the commitment of the Harris County Constable’s Office to not only serve the community but also extend their service to animals in need.

Constable Mark Herman commended Deputy Becerra for his compassion and dedication, highlighting the importance of community involvement in saving animal lives. “Thank you Deputy Becerra for going above and beyond the call of duty and rescuing this beautiful pup!” stated Constable Herman.

This incident serves as a reminder of the crucial role everyone plays in protecting and caring for animals. The community is encouraged to report any cases of abandoned or abused animals to authorities.

Abandoned Dog in Hunters Glen Park
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