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Another day, another cheater

If you have not read the post about why cheaters matter, please do so here.

The below photo was sent in by a driver who has had enough of these cheaters.

Sadly this phone was left behind as “too many people were watching.” I get it, you do not want to be ousted as the one stealing and like I told the driver who sent this photo in: “It is not worth getting beat up over.”

But that is part of the problem with the #airportmafia. Fear and intimidation. Don’t kid yourself, the #airportmafia is a real racket. Another driver claimed that her “tire was deflated because they thought she was taking pictures.” What is it going to take for the airport to decide to step up security and ensure fairness without us having to fear repercussions?

I am just a part time driver, but if I was full time, I would be doing everything I can to make sure there is a level playing field. I am not saying to throw the phones you find into the trash or the port a potties, but making it hard for them to work is really going to be the biggest catalyst to getting things to change. I personally love finding free battery chargers (as most of these have them attached.) These phones are you run of the mill pre-paid phones which cost them $25-$50, not a whole lot in terms of money, but that can be a couple airport rides. Imagine if you were one of these cheating drivers that had their phone go missing every couple days or so. Just having to run to the store, and setting up a new phone is a time killer. It will get frustrating and you will probably stop sooner or later. If everyone reading this can find one phone and properly dispose of it, (yes, I mean turning it in to airport ops or HPD.) we can seriously get a lot of these guys and gals to quit cheating.

I am all for my fellow drivers (who are actually my competition) to make money. Even if that means I have to wait a bit longer at the airport lot. However, let’s all be stuck in this heat together. No one deserves special privileges. If I am sitting there, sweating my butt off waiting for a ride, so should you. Sure we can go drive elsewhere, but if the airport is the spot to make money, why can’t we all enjoy it?

If you are a cheater, just know that all you are doing is making us wait longer. This gives us more time to find you. To find out who you are. To find out how to stop you. Because soon we will.

If you find any phones laying around, and are tired of these cheaters, yet do not want to touch it, please try to get at least a pic of their profile, preferably with their picture/license plate, so we can start to publicly shame them at least. If they come across it, chances are they will stop. You can contact us @RideshareHTX on twitter, or through Facebook.

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