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Alert: Houston Lyft driver had his mom’s car stolen at knifepoint!

If you are currently driving, please be on the lookout for a grey Jeep Cherokee with license plate LCF 2056.

Brandon Bell was driving his mom’s car hoping to earn some extra cash when 2 of the 5 passengers he was dropping off decided to rob him at knifepoint. They forced him into the backseat and forced him to give access to his phone and debit card. From there, they drove him to 2 different gas stations and drained his accounts before leaving him in a ditch.

Brandon was able to walk away because he did everything he was told to do. If he decided to fight back, this could have easily ended in a very bad way. While we want to protect ourselves, there is really not much you can do, besides get away from them, the first chance you get. Some drivers swear up and down that their guns (against Uber and Lyft policy) will protect them, but quite frankly, you will not be able to grab that gun, turn around and aim it at someone sitting directly behind you (unless you shoot yourself in the shoulder). Either way, everything happens fast. Not to mention, the thieves forced him to go to the back. What would of happened if they found a gun upfront? Now you just armed some wanna be knife ninjas with a gun. Then you really have some problems.

One of the key takeaways, is that he was using his moms vehicle. If you ever wondered why some drivers just sit there and ask why do we ask for higher rates, remember, there are drivers with zero expenses outside of gas. Drivers who use their moms vehicles, or another relatives car. Hopefully Brandon is, (well I should say was, as that vehicle is likely under a saw now) paying her a portion of his earning so that she can at least keep up with the added maintaneance.

No matter how you feel, about him using a relatives car for rideshare, lets keep an eye out for that Grey Jeep Cherokee that has with license plates that read LCF 2056. If you don’t do it for Brandon, do it for his mom.

Source: Lyft driver robbed at knifepoint

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