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Fact Check: Do Illegal Immigrants Drive for Uber in Houston?

Ernesto Gutierrez Jr. made a claim that illegal immigrants drive for Uber in Houston. Is this true? Is this allowed by Uber?

While this is not allowed by Uber, we can not say definitively that there are no illegal immigrants driving for Uber (or Lyft) without Uber and Lyft knowing. I for one, have been in a vehicle, where they driver was at least 30 years older than in his picture. I came to the conclusion, that this was my drivers father. I reported him to Lyft because my driver did not match his photo. Was he illegal? I have no clue. I have no right to assume that was the reason why he did not have his own account. For all I know, he could of had a record that would not of allowed him to drive under his own account. Lyft did not confirm if they deactivated him or not, only that they will look into his account. (I am assuming I was the first one to report him, if someone else reports him, he should be deactivated.)

What is true though, by Ernesto making that statement, it shows once again, that we have racist drivers among us. There are a number of immigrants that hang out at the airport, but we can not just assume they are illegal, just as Ernesto did. They simply here to make a better life for themselves and their families. Just because you from a different country, does not make you illegal. It’s really quite sad, that there are so many racist drivers in a city as diverse as Houston. How do these racist drivers function everyday surely beats me.

So, if you do not want a racist driver, please be on the lookout for Ernesto Gutierrez, Jr as shown below in his public Facebook photo:

Ernesto Gutierrez Jr. Facebook PUBLIC Photo

6 thoughts on “Fact Check: Do Illegal Immigrants Drive for Uber in Houston?
  1. Invasion of someone’s privacy to put his personal Facebook account public. You will be reported for all of your assumptions as well and for these actions that you have not had permission to do.

    1. Hi Sonya!
      Thanks for your comment. Truth of the matter is, all Facebook accounts and profile photos are public, in the public domain, and available for anyone to use.

      I do love how you say though, “You will be reported for all of your assumptions.” — What about Ernesto’s assumptions that immigrant drivers are illegals?

  2. So you personally spoke with this Uber driver and he told you about his racist views? Or you just took a FB post and ran with it without doing your due diligence. You sir also need to check your grammar! Also supporting immigration reform does not make you racist. I work for a company with many minorities from very different backgrounds many who entered this country legally who also agree with reform and are not racist in anyway. I believe your article doesn’t prove anything other than you are just plain old fashion stupid and reporting like this is why our country is so divided and unfortunately you just can’t fix stupid! Hate to name call, but it really is a horrible written article that mainly talks about a driver you previously reported and then calls another driver a racist not a very light hearted word!

  3. In response to your reply to Sonya. Where does that driver say that immigrant drivers are illegals? We must be reading the wrong post or you didn’t pass reading comprehension in grade school. Was it a distasteful post…Well yes, but it is definitely not worthy of calling someone racist. Again a very strong word to just throw around. You are a part of the problem instead of the answer. I would delete this article it’s very embarrassing on your part.

  4. This is HOUSTON Texas.
    I’m guessing that Ernesto is a long-time dependable driver for Uber. He made a statement that is true of any and ALL JOB MARKETS in Houston. I say prove it. Prove it that there are NOT illegals driving for rideshare. Otherwise—
    This good driver has the freedom of speech to say his perspective.

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