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Is mobilads a scam?

With SXSW right around the corner, mobilads is in Austin, claiming they will pay you to wrap your car. Is this true? Is mobilads a legitimate company?

The answer is YES! mobilads IS A LEGITIMATE company and they pay you, exactly what they say they will pay you. In fact, here is proof that they paid, after a campaign here in Houston that they did last year. I have not heard much from them, but I am glad they are still around as they treat drivers right.

( a screenshot from my personal PayPal):

mobilads, is not a scam

But won’t Uber and Lyft deactivate me for advertising?
Here’s the deal: You are an independent contractor. Uber and Lyft is not your employer nor do they own your vehicle. You can essentially do whatever you want, so as long as they rider is safe. Furthermore, if you have a Play Octopus tablet, you are already advertising inside your vehicle. If you are one of these drivers, you actually, already answered your own question.

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If I was a Austin driver, I would sign up for mobilads during SXSW in heartbeat. Because I am a Houston driver, I will probably not be approved, nor do I want to drive up there to get wrapped as wrapping will likely take place before SXSW. Just FYI, Their wraps are professionally done for a clean look. (below is a pick of the campaign in Houston)

If you are a Houston driver or a new Austin driver, please check back here for a SXSW guide closer to the event in March. It is definitely worth the trip.

mobilads 2019 “Treasure Truck”.
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