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This Houston Driver Intentionally Breaks the Law, and Brags about it!

One of the best things about Texas is how easy it is to become a rideshare driver. There are no permits you need to pay for, nor does it require that we personally hold commercial insurance like other states do. Because of this, we can drive in any city in Texas. (Companies have to apply and pay a fee to operate in Texas, but not individual drivers)

However, there is just one caveat: Airports can issue requirements and permits, but they are unable to charge for said permits.

As we all know, Houston airport permits are super easy to get and FREE (as required by law.). It is so simple, all you need to do is apply online and wait to be contacted, which honestly does not take long and the Houston Airport System has been super great issuing permits. (Before this new system we had to drive to the airport and apply.) Online applications, really does make it easier.

So, why not abide by all the laws? All he has to do is go online and apply for the permit. Sure, there are some drivers who are unaware we need permits, (which is the point in this post) but he is well aware, which is why he posted he only goes to the airport when “paw patrol” is not around.

I just can’t figure out for the life of me why someone will break a law that literally requires no effort nor money to abide by. Lazy people like him
who break laws like this, will end up getting us shut down from the airports, perhaps even on a statewide and/or federal level. Local governments all the way up to big government put riders safety as a top priority. If we can’t not abide by simple laws, how can we prove that we are a safe option?

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