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Uber Drivers in Houston Are Discriminating Against Asian Riders

Editors Note: Let me first start off by stating that I am 100% disgusted by the way this website has been going these last couple of days. It seems we are out here to try and get drivers deactivated. As much as it pains me to write another article about two xenophobic drivers, I feel it is my duty to do so. I can not sit idly by while drivers think being xenophobic/racist, (whatever you want to call it) okay. If you are a rider, please, remember that this is a very small percentage of drivers and does not represent Uber or Lyft as a whole. In this one particular Facebook group, there are nearly 4,000 drivers, and so far we have only posted 4 out of those 4,000. There are a few commenters who have come out in support of these 4, However, We are still looking at well under 1% of drivers in Houston making racist comments. If you do not want a racist driver, please head over to . We will send your pickup info over to a driver who is highly rated, and most importantly not racist. I am sincerely hoping, this is the last article I have to do about racist Uber drivers.

In a Facebook group for drivers (think of it as a breakroom) Sam Rodriguez, posted a picture of two female passengers (without their permission) wearing surgical masks to prevent getting sick with the caption “the longest one mile ride of my life”. (their faces have been blurred here for their privacy.)

Uber driver assumes passengers are sick with the Wuhan Coronavirus

While we are unable to determine where they have been in the last 14 days, many drivers like Hasan Mohammad Hussein took to the comment section:

So there you have it. If you are Asian (well, if your name is Asian), you may very well be cancelled on. While this is a very small fraction of drivers, it is safe to assume, Hasan is not the only one cancelling on riders of Asian descent.

It should be pointed out though, that while Sam thought they had Coronavirus, he still picked them up and did not cancel as Hasan would have. Kudos to Sam, but Sam, let’s not post any more pictures of the riders without their permission please.

For those drivers reading this, let this serve as your warning: If you make any xenophobic/racist remarks, you will be posted here. The choice is yours.

3 thoughts on “Uber Drivers in Houston Are Discriminating Against Asian Riders
  1. Whew
    What a blurt
    Lemme say this
    I did not make this comment nor would I think to do such a thing
    We are RideSHARE Drivers. I am a good one. My passengers like me.
    WE SHARE Our trips.
    We are NOT Uber employees nor Lyft employees. These cars we drive are not owned by Uber or Lyft.
    My family rides inside my car on outings. It’s MY VEHICLE!
    Bottom line is this:
    If I feel threatened or unsafe in any way from a passenger I reserve the right to decline the trip.
    We are paid 60 cents per mile. That’s sixty cents for each mile we transport a passenger.
    If a driver cancels or declines too many trips, he/she will be in poor standing with Uber. He knows and understands this. I feel that this driver was in simple terms, talking smack on Facebook.
    It happens all the time on that group.
    The general public should not be alarmed at all. There are plenty of available willing drivers who won’t let you down.
    No Worries!!

  2. Hey Jennifer go back to school you need improvement on your grammatical and comprehension skills or lack thereof. Karma is a bitch remember that.

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