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Lyft Preferred: What We Know

Lyft Preferred: What We Know

Today, Lyft announced a new ride type called Lyft Preferred, aimed at rewarding top drivers by connecting them with riders who want to pay a little more to ride with a top driver. In return, “drivers will receive a bonus for these type of rides”.

To qualify, a driver must meet all of the following criteria:
A driver rating of 4.9 or higher
At least 300 lifetime rides
A newer car (2014 or newer)
37” or more of legroom
No flags for an unclean vehicle in your last 20 rides

This criteria is not too hard and the majority of drivers will qualify, (especially considering Lyft only allows 2015 or newer vehicles to be added to the platform in Houston) .

Lyft Preferred is bad for drivers

You know, at first, like yourself, I was happy. A new ride type, that gives you a bonus? But then, I realized, this sure does sound a lot like UberComfort. That’s because this is Lyft once again copying Uber. Lyft Preferred might as well be called LyftComfort.

So why is it bad for drivers?

In case you haven’t heard, UberSelect will be going away come Summer 2020. This is because riders realized they can get Select level rides, for the price of a comfort (basically a few pennies per mile more than a UberX.)

Save this post, mark my words. Once Lyft Preferred is done beta testing, Lyft will soon announce that Lux is no longer going to be an option.

As stated before, nearly everyone in Houston that drives for Lyft will qualify for Lyft Preferred, even if they do not qualify for Lyft Lux. For those drivers who do Lyft, it will be easy for us to turn off Lyft Preferred (or ignore the pings). However, those who currently only qualify for Lyft regular, will see this as a way to make more money. This will give Lyft the ammo needed to end Lux, similar to how Uber ended Select.

Let’s just hope, that Lyft stays friendly to drivers and tries to not kill Lux off, otherwise, Lyft Preferred is a pay cut in disguise.

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