Shady Drivers

Uber Eats driver caught eating food in front of customers house

Have you ever been hungry while delivering Uber Eats?

This drivers answer would be yes. He was caught by the customer, eating her food, in front of her house. When Emily confronts him, his reply was “I only had one.” and decided to give her the food anyways.

I am not sure what was going through the drivers head, but he mentioned in the video that Uber had tell him to throw the food away. While to a rider this sounds absurd, this is a real thing.

From a driver:

“When we arrive at the customers house, a timer begins. This is a 5 or 10 minute timer, I can’t exactly remember since it it has been a while that I delivered on UberEats, but as soon as this timer runs out, we are told to discard the food. Discarding really means we are free to eat it if we so please. For meals I do not care for, I simply hand it off to a homeless person.”

Our driver goes on to say:

“However, this driver is a POS because he likely did not deliver to the door as instructed. There are drivers that will wait in the car until the timer is up without making an attempt to contact the customers, in the hopes of getting a free meal. Sure, there are some customers that will opt to come to the car, but the app defaults to “deliver to the door.” — just like every other delivery service.”

Perhaps this driver should of driven away before eating the food.

Whatever his case maybe, eating your customers food and then handing it to them is never right.

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