Shady Drivers

UberEats driver steals package off porch of customer

Once again we have another thief in our mists.

Once again, we have a delivery driver stealing packages that another driver has left behind.

It is pretty puzzling as to why. For starters, everyone seems to have a camera nowadays. It’s not that hard to figure out who took your package, given you have the driver’s license plate/make and model of their car and a first name to verify the registration against. Given, Uber redacts this information once the food or ride is over, so it is a good idea to screenshot your driver’s profile before you get the food, or before the ride is over.

However, just because you are not privy to this information does not mean that Uber no longer has it. It may take a police report, but now that some police departments have task forces specifically focused on taking down porch pirates, they may actually go through the loopholes a company like Uber has in place so it is a good idea to file one as soon as you are able to.

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