Shady Drivers

Uber driver discriminates against a disabled rider

This just makes me sick.

This driver and any like him need to be deactivated ASAP.

A rider decided to record the conversation a driver was trying to have in order to push him towards other services because of his wheelchair.

The driver can be heard saying, “there has got to be other services”. While there are other services, there is no reason why a rider has to be limited to what services he can use, just because he has a wheelchair that does not fit in your trunk. It fits in your car right? Most wheelchairs are designed to fold up and fit in a standard car/trunk. The rider does not need to order an XL if he or she is by themselves.

The driver can then be heard saying that his trunk is not empty because he needs stuff for the work. This is a sad excuse some drivers use. However, most drivers realize that riders will have items with them, whether that is a wheelchair or luggage, your trunk needs to be mostly empty. When a rider books you, they basically reserve the right to use all of your seats, (except for the front seat now thanks to COVID-19) and your trunk.

It makes me sick to my stomach that this rider had to not only experience this but the fact that he stated: “every time” he uses Uber’s services something like this happens. It shouldn’t.

Remember, it is not just against Uber/Lyft policy to discriminate against riders, but it is the law. ‘

We can #dobetter

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