Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo announces updated 2021 dates

It looks like it will be a few months down the road before we are able to come to this staging area due to COVID-19.

Assuming the dates are not pushed back again, the 2021 Rodeo and events leading up to Rodeo (Parade, Rodeo Run, Trail Ride, WCBBQ Competition, etc.) are being rescheduled to May due to Covid-19.  The new dates for Rodeo are May 4 – 23, with WCBBQ being held April 29 – May 1.

The Junior Livestock and Horse Show competitions are still being held March 2 – 21 as previously announced. These events will be closed to the public and as such we will probably not see enough demand to make rideshare worthwhile.

The good news is, this will give us a few extra months to get vaccinated. I know, the experts say that it will be the end of the year before we can have a vaccine available to the general public, but remember, half the people think COVID is fake, and another 1/4 of people are not going to trust the vaccine right out the gate, thanks to the idiotic anti-vaxxers. For those of us who believe in science, we will be safe sooner than expected and can enjoy the HLSR surge.

Also, earlier this week, Uber submitted a formal request to the CDC asking if drivers can be considered essential.

Of course, if you have not been vaccinated by the time the HLSR starts, it will not be a good idea to drive if you value your life. Remember, the first spread of COVID in Houston was traced back to the cook-off last year.

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