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Exxon in Friendship, AR didn’t allow a black customer to fill up on gas

An Exxon in Friendship, Arkansas (490 Caney Rd Friendship, AR 71923) told a black customer (Amber Govan) that they were out of gas. As the customer waited in her car trying to figure out what to do (she was pretty low on gas), she noticed other customers going inside, coming back out, and filling up their vehicles. She asked those customers if they were told the gas station had no more gas and they said, the clerk didn’t mention anything. At that point she went back inside, and filled complained and the clerk allowed her to pump gas.

There is a response from what appears to be the Facebook page of the Friendship AR Exxon, and the owner claims they were not aware of what was happening (even though this has happened numerous times) and asked that customers with complaints reach out to them.

Hopefully, the owner makes good on their word and starts terminating employees that evidently have a problem with black people. It is a good sign that the owner responded. There is no denying it now.

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