Take 5

Fact Check: Did Mattress Mack really just say come to pay your s**t in a commercial?

In a video that is going viral, Jim McIngvale ‘Mattress Mack’ can be heard saying “Where you will pay for that damn furniture” and to “come pay your shit”. To put this into context, he just lost $35 million dollars on a bet that the Astros will win it all at the 2021 World Series after the Braves beat the Astros.


Look at the bright side, you will be sleeping comfortable but you know what time it is now 🤨🤷🏻‍♂️Good season Houston-ASTROS 🙌 #fyp #foryou #houstonastros #baseball #worldseries2021

♬ original sound – Julio Guzman

If you have lived in Houston, you will know that voice while somewhat close to Mattress Mack’s voice, is not his voice at all. Someone did a voice-over on a prior commercial. While it is supposed to be funny, Mattress Mack has done quite a bit for our community and this is pretty disrespectful.

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