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Watch: The most outrageous moments of the Rittenhouse Trial in Kenosha

From the judge playing with his phone, to Kyle Rittenhouse crying, and the prosecutor leaving his finger on the trigger while aiming a AR-15 at the jury, and everything in between. This has been one crazy trial. Rittenhouse is #guilty, no doubt about that. Let’s hope the jury agrees and the judge, by some kind of miracle actually sentences him to more than “time served”.


#KyleRittenhouse testifies Joseph Rosenbaum threatened to kill him twice before he killed him in Kenosha, Wisconsin. #news #crime #yahoonews

♬ original sound – Yahoo News

#kylerittenhouse breaks down on the stand while recounting the night he fatally shot two people and injured another during protests in Wisconsin

♬ original sound – NowThis Politics

#KyleRittenhouse is on trial for the murder of two men during #BLM protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin. #guns #news #yahoonews

♬ original sound – Yahoo News
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