Nakisha Ferguson, a black UPS driver is ‘racially profiled’ by SFPD

Nakisha Ferguson, a black UPS driver delivering packages in San Fransico is stopped by police after she doubled park in order to make her deliveries.


Black UPS Driver Racially Profiled While Delivering Packages #1

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Nakisha is claiming that the police officers are racially profiling her because of her skin color. She claims, that other UPS, FedEx, Amazon drivers constantly double park but he was pulled over because she was black. If you have been to any Downtown in the U.S., especially in the larger cities, you know there is hardly ever any parking and most delivery drivers end up double parking, blocking lanes, parking in parking zones, etc, so for her to be singled out is a bit suspicious. Drivers have deadlines, and lack of parking, usually due to city’s poor planning, is usually not available.

With that said, she did break a law, and all she had to do was sign for the ticket acknowledging she will show up to court or pay for the ticket beforehand. I can’t speak for UPS, but I have a feeling, parking tickets are fairly common and probably forgiven in most cases if drivers are making their deliveries on time.

However, when the supervisor came and threatened her with jail time if she did not sign, that was the biggest red flag which really leads me to believe that she was indeed singled out for her skin color.

One thought on “Nakisha Ferguson, a black UPS driver is ‘racially profiled’ by SFPD
  1. She requested a police supervisor. In California failure to sign a citation is a violation of 40302(b) CVC.

    Signing the citation IS NOT AN ADMISSION OF GUILT. It is ONLY A PROMISE TO APPEAR. Should you refuse to sign the citation, you are subject to arrest pursuant to 40302(b) CVC and your car could be towed pursuant to (22651(h)(1) CVC.

    The DPT (Department of Parking and Traffic) tickets lots of delivery drivers of all races and all creeds everyday in San Francisco. There is absolutely no evidence of any type of racial profiling in this case.

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