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Should FedEx drivers shame customers on social media?

A FedEx driver, who goes by the name of Anthony Cruz (@sumlitee707) posted a video today of one of their deliveries today in Huntington Park, CA with the caption “Really” on popular social media app TikTok.

While this driver’s intent was to make fun of the customer for ordering a case of soda, he didn’t make an attempt to block out the address at all.

Fortunately, this was not something like a Magic Wand, so the embarrassment is not likely there, but he did just alert millions of people (and potential thieves) that this customer will be receiving a FedEx to her house today. Sure the porch pirates won’t likely go just to steal a case of soda, but this does alert them to the fact that this customer likely orders everything online.

Do I want Anthony fired? Of course, not. However, I do want FedEx to counsel him and send out a memo company-wide warning their drivers of posting to social media. It’s great to see these videos, but they should be wary of posting names and addresses of where these packages are going. With that said, if FedEx corporate reads this, the tracking number of this package is 551643480517. They should be able to find the correct driver who posted this with that information.

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