The Lyft driver who shot at two suspects trying to carjack him will most likely be deactivated

The Lyft driver who sent two suspects to the hospital after they rear-ended him twice in an attempt to carjack him at gunpoint just before 2:45 p.m., in West Philadelphia in the 4200 Block of Parkside Avenue Monday, will likely be deactivated once Lyft finds out who he is.

Yes, you heard correctly. The Lyft driver will most likely be deactivated since it is against Lyft policy for drivers to carry a weapon while having riders in the car. While police have not released the driver’s name, since he legally had the right to carry a gun, the rider who was his passenger (not a suspect) will likely complain and/or sue Lyft for the horrible experience they endured.

Uber also has a strict “No Firearms” policy.

With the uptick in crimes against Rideshare drivers, perhaps it is time to re-evauluate these policies right?

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