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Walmart Employees are already threatening delivery drivers online

After Walmart announced its plans to acquire the Spark Delivery Platform from Delivery Drivers, Inc. (DDI) Inc. a Walmart Employee went on Facebook to intimidate and threaten Spark Delivery Drivers.

In the post, which is posted to a delivery group for Spark Delivery Drivers, Silvia Camarillo wrote:

“Came here to say that as a Walmart employee loading up cars In yuma, all stores in Yuma are cracking down on delivery drivers using airplane mode and will start reporting and blocking from stores. That’s pacific specifically and Ave B. 32nd and 8th are getting on board too

Also if you’re from Yuma and know a driver named Francisco, he’s been getting a lot of complaints and Walmart managers will report bad drivers from now on. No kids on deliveries on 32nd per policy and clean your

For those who are not aware, Spark was a 3rd party company that contracted with Walmart in order to provide drivers for Walmart Delivery. Walmart announced recently that they are acquiring Spark. Delivery drivers are not employees of Spark or Walmart.

Spark Drivers Airplane Mode Hack

The Airplane Mode, which Spark Drivers use on a widespread basis is to prevent more orders from coming into the app. By declining an order, or missing one, drivers can lose out on bonuses and earnings. If they accept another order while at a Walmart, now they have to wait for that order to come out, which depending on the store can take a bit of time. If they already had another order or orders queued up, this will cause them to be late for their delivery. This is not only bad for driver metrics and places jobs in jeopardy, it irritates customers as well. Customers will ding the driver with a bad rating, and withhold a tip they were planning on giving. Bad ratings, lead to late deliveries, are frowned upon and can really place a driver’s job in jeopardy. Not to mention, a place like Yuma, AZ in the summer is not good for perishables.

But now Walmart Employees like Silvia Camarillo want to get drivers fired for wanting to be on time for deliveries they already committed to?

On the other hand, this is somewhat of a hack and does land in the “misuse/exploitation of the app”.

What about the Children?

According to Spark Policy:

“Children who should not be left alone in vehicles are prohibited from riding along on deliveries, as are rideshare passengers. Keep in mind that passengers are not authorized drivers on the Spark Driver platform and therefore cannot participate in the performance of the work.”

So yes, in accordance with Spark Policy, children who can not be left alone in vehicles should not be on the delivery. Simple as that.

However, Silvia Camarillo quotes “32nd” policy, meaning the Walmart on 32nd Street in Yuma, AZ. Remember, Spark Drivers are not employees, so you do not need to abide by a store policy, but rather Spark Policy, which is now one and the same.

But, the one thing we can agree with? CLEAN THOSE CARS. As a customer, would you want your groceries in a dirty vehicle?

In case you are driving in Yuma, AZ, and want to stay away from Silvia Camarillo, and those managers, the stores referenced in the post are:

  1. 2900 S Pacific Ave, Yuma, AZ 85365
  2. 2501 S Avenue B, Yuma, AZ 85364
  3. 8151 E 32nd St, Yuma, AZ 85365
  4. 2675 W 8th St, Yuma, AZ 85364
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