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Where is the Uber and Lyft pickup/drop-off area at Minute Maid Park for Bad Bunny?

Bad Bunny is having two shows in Houston the first of which will be on September 1, and the second one will be on September 2, 2022.

File Photo Parking outside Minute Maid Park

You can always pay for parking, but that would mean you are going to have to stay sober at the Bad Bunny concert.

If you do decide to take an Uber or Lyft, (sober or not) be aware that the official pick-up/drop-off for rideshare is on the northwest side of Minute Maid Park along Crawford, near Congrees street.

If you are anywhere else near the stadium, your driver won’t be able to get to you.

No, it is not that we are lazy or do not want to sit in traffic without pay, but rather we have to abide by Minute Maid Park’s policies, or risk being cited by law enforcement who likely are blocking the street you want us to magically pick up on.

Since all of the rideshare drivers will be funneled onto Crawford Street there will be heavy traffic and delays. If you are in the vehicle, your tab is running up. Yes, Uber and Lyft provide an estimate up front to the rider, but this is subject to change depending how bad traffic is, and of course general changes in the route.

Best way to avoid heavy traffic and delays?

Work your way west of the stadium, towards Main Street. For the most part, everything west of Main is pretty clear after a huge event at Minute Maid Park. EaDo is a second option, and appealing since there are bar areas you can bar hop and waste time before leaving, but if you are headed back west, EaDo traffic is going to be a nightmare. Of course, the general rule is, that the longer you bar hop, the more traffic will ease up, especially true of the Thursday concert since you won’t have to deal with the Friday bar crowd, on top of a Bad Bunny concert.

You are being forewarned. The surge on Uber and Lyft will be high.

This is easily countered by taking those above precautions to avoid traffic. How? Surge is based on supply and demand. Since there are fewer people the further you move away from the stadium, you will see your prices go back down. Couple this with the fact that riders are being picked up and driven to their destinations as you move further away and slowly, more drivers will become available, and ride requests will start to taper off.

Wait too long though and your wait time will increase.

It is a fine line, and you have to understand that when Uber (not so much Lyft anymore) increases their prices on riders, they pass this increase to drivers as well. If I just did a ride for $4 a mile, why would I go back to 58 cents a mile? Yup, 58 cents a mile for an UberX or Lyft Standard ride. Generally, not worth it.

If you do wait a while and pay the same to go home please be sure to tip that driver. Chances are they do this full-time and/or really need every dollar they can get. We also know if prices are absurdly high and will not fault you for not tipping on those higher-priced rides.

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