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The Superbowl Tubi commercial may have saved a woman from a violent relationship

A TikTok user named @llove_lola has revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend over his violent reaction to a Super Bowl commercial. During the streaming app commercial, which made it look like someone was changing the TV over to their app, @llove_lola’s boyfriend thought she was the one changing the channel and began screaming at her violently, even after she explained that it was just a commercial. He eventually realized what actually happened and awkwardly apologized, but @llove_lola was so disgusted over his violent reaction that she took some of her things and left to stay with her parents. She left him a note telling him how she felt and that she didn’t think they were going to work out long term. While her parents thought she was overreacting, @llove_lola said she felt unsafe around him and that she didn’t think it was normal to be that angry. This story has sparked conversation online about the importance of recognizing warning signs in relationships.

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