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Andre Norman was able to get out of prison after just 14 years out of a 100-year-old sentence

In this video, Andre Norman shares his story of personal transformation from a criminal serving a 100-year-old sentence to a Harvard graduate, public speaker, and motivational coach. Norman began by realizing that being “free” wasn’t working and that he needed to find a new path to success. He chose Harvard University, but his fellow inmates scoffed at his ambition, telling him he was too “black,” too “criminal,” and too “violent” to ever succeed.

But Norman refused to be deterred. Instead, he took responsibility for his own life, recognizing that the only thing standing in the way of his success was himself. He started by getting his GED, teaching himself the law in the prison library, and becoming a jailhouse lawyer. He also attended self-help groups, wrote a book, and worked tirelessly to better himself in every way he could.

Despite being initially denied parole, Norman remained focused on his goal and continued to improve himself, addressing the concerns raised by the parole board and ultimately winning his release on November 15th, 1999.

Today, Norman is a sought-after speaker and coach, using his own story of redemption and transformation to help others overcome their own challenges and achieve success. He stresses the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own life, as he did, and committing to personal growth and development.

In conclusion, Andre Norman’s story is a powerful reminder that anyone can achieve their goals, no matter where they start or what challenges they face. With dedication, hard work, and a commitment to personal growth, anyone can transform their lives and achieve success.

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