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Moody Gardens Faces Wrongful Death Lawsuit Following Tragic Pool Incident

GALVESTON, Texas – A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Moody Gardens Inc. by Matthew Rayburn, both individually and as representative of the estate of his deceased minor son A.R.

The lawsuit filed on July 12, 2023, in Galveston County alleges that Moody Gardens Inc., a Texas corporation headquartered in Galveston, is responsible for the tragic incident that took place on July 1, 2023, at one of its pools, leading to the death of A.R. on July 2, 2023.

The complaint alleges negligence, negligence per se, and gross negligence on the part of Moody Gardens. According to the documents, these allegations include failure to properly monitor and control access to the pool area, failure to train employees adequately, failure to respond timely and/or adequately to A.R.’s drowning, and failure to provide adequate safety equipment, among other things.

Matthew Rayburn, as the biological father, parent, and legal guardian of A.R., is seeking damages on behalf of his son’s estate. These damages include pecuniary loss, loss of companionship and society, mental anguish, and personal injury damages suffered by A.R. before his death, including pain and mental anguish, medical expenses, and funeral and burial expenses.

Rayburn is demanding a trial by jury and is seeking monetary relief exceeding $1,000,000. Further updates will be provided as the case progresses through the court system.

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