Earnings Forecast Introduced for Drivers in Houston

HOUSTON, Texas – July 14, 2023 – To empower its drivers with better insights and potentially boost their earnings, Arn, Drive, Driver products have launched a new feature called ‘Earnings Forecast’ in Houston.

This feature has been designed to provide drivers with an understanding of when and where they can expect higher earnings. Gray zones on the map in the Driver app will now indicate areas where projected earnings could be higher. The darker the gray zone, the higher the forecasted earnings are likely to be.

The potential earnings data presented to drivers are calculated based on data from the previous four weeks as well as current market conditions, including promotions, supply, demand, surge, and wait times.

The addition of Earnings Forecast does not affect surge pricing. The goal of this change is to better help drivers decide when and where to drive. In addition, dollar signs will accompany gray zones to indicate areas with potentially higher earnings.

The fine print clarifies that earnings forecasts are not a guarantee of earnings. Actual earnings will vary and depend on various factors including demand, time of day, location, number of trips provided, and length of trips.

The introduction of Earnings Forecast is a strategic move to provide drivers with better insights into their potential earnings and enhance their overall experience.

For further information, drivers are encouraged to access the FAQ section of the Driver app or get in touch with customer support.

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