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Houston Police Accused of False Arrest and Excessive Force

HOUSTON, TX – July 17, 2023 – A 42-year-old Black, disabled Houston resident has filed a lawsuit against the Houston Police Department (HPD) alleging false arrest and excessive force. The incident reportedly took place in a motel parking lot in October 2022.

The plaintiff alleges that HPD officers used excessive force during his arrest, slamming him to the pavement and striking him. He further states that the handcuffs were applied so tightly that he suffered nerve damage in his left wrist and thumb.

The man was subsequently charged with assaulting a family member and spent 48 hours in jail before being released on a personal bond. Several months after the incident, the charges against him were dismissed by prosecutors.

The lawsuit sheds light on ongoing concerns regarding police conduct and use of force, particularly in communities of color and among individuals with disabilities. As of now, the HPD has not released a statement regarding the allegations.

This case is the latest in a string of similar lawsuits filed against police departments across the nation, fueling the ongoing debates about police reform and accountability. Further updates on this case will be reported as they emerge.

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