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Texas Woman Sues Medical Device Companies Over Alleged Product Malfunction

HOUSTON, TX – July 17, 2023 – Kimberly Taylor, a Texas resident, has filed a product liability lawsuit against Ethicon-Endo Surgery Inc., an Ohio company, and Ethicon Inc., Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc., and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Center Inc., all New Jersey companies. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas under case number 4:23cv2601.

In December 2020, Taylor’s surgeon used a stapler made by the defendants to perform a surgical procedure that involved repositioning parts of her internal organs after removing a section of her colon. The lawsuit alleges that the stapler malfunctioned during the procedure, allowing fecal matter to enter Taylor’s abdominal cavity.

As a result of the alleged malfunction, Taylor’s kidneys failed and she required a catheter implant for dialysis. The complaint further states that she suffered from sepsis, end-organ failure, and respiratory failure, requiring intensive care. She was discharged in mid-January 2021. Taylor reportedly underwent an additional three follow-up surgeries throughout 2021.

The case highlights the potential dangers of medical device malfunction, an issue that has been the focus of numerous lawsuits in recent years. Taylor is represented by Chris Lindstrom of Dortch Lindstrom.

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