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Guangdong Agricultural Products Take Center Stage in Rome

GUANGZHOU, China, July 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The diverse and rich agricultural produce of Guangdong has taken center stage in Rome, Italy. On July 12, a promotion event showcasing Guangdong’s unique agricultural products was held in Italy’s capital, offering a veritable feast of Guangdong’s litchi, black tea, and pre-made food to a select gathering.

The event saw the participation of members from the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Trade Agency, various industrial associations, supermarkets, and media outlets. The attendees were treated to a stunning array of Guangdong delicacies and discussions on the potential of Guangdong agricultural products’ exports to Europe.

Italian nutritionist Elsa Napolano took to the stage to talk about the health benefits of litchi, such as boosting intestinal function, supporting the immune system, offering anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, and protecting the heart and blood vessels.

Italian internet celebrity Serena Ranieri praised Guangdong’s black tea as a perfect match for a variety of desserts. She also noted the versatility of litchi, stating it could be used as an ingredient for dishes and wine.

Faustino D’anteo, an advisor of Confagricoltura, highlighted Italy’s inherent curiosity about food and a desire to discover new products. “We Italians always like to discover new things and new products. We will also innovate delicacies with new fruits,” said D’anteo.

For the successful export of Guangdong agricultural products to Italy, the guests proposed that related enterprises should actively take part in international exhibitions or host promotional events worldwide. This would pave the way for more opportunities for agricultural cooperation between Guangdong and Italy.

Furthermore, brochures featuring Guangdong’s export entities of litchi, black tea, and pre-made food were provided at the event, enabling guests to connect with these companies for further collaboration.

With the aid of the Belt and Road Initiative and RCEP, Guangdong’s agricultural products are steadily expanding their international presence. Guangdong litchi is now exported to more than 20 countries and regions. In 2022 alone, Guangdong exported up to 4,000 tons of tea, valued at 470 million RMB, with oolong tea and black tea primarily exported to places like Hong Kong, Macao SARs, Japan, Malaysia, the United States, Germany, and Canada.

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