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Detention Officer Attacked by Capital Murder Defendant in Harris County Jail

HOUSTON, July 24, 2023 – In a series of tweets today, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez shared details of an attack on a Detention Officer, allegedly carried out by a capital murder defendant.

The officer, named as Valdiviez, was injured by a defendant who has been in the Harris County jail since April 17, 2020. Fortunately, Valdiviez is currently at home recovering from his injuries.

In his tweets, Sheriff Gonzalez stated, “I am grateful that Detention Officer Valdiviez is at home recovering from the injuries he suffered at the hands of a capital murder defendant. We work hard to make our jail safe for everyone who lives and works there.”

Sheriff Gonzalez also highlighted the challenging circumstances under which detention officers are operating. He noted that maintaining safety is “no easy task in an overcrowded facility that houses more than 800 people charged with murder or capital murder.”

In spite of the difficult conditions, he expressed his appreciation for the bravery shown by the jail’s staff. He commended Officer Valdiviez and his colleagues, who intervened to halt the attack within seconds.

The Sheriff concluded his statement with a stern warning for anyone threatening the safety of the county’s public servants. “Anyone who harms our public servants will be held accountable, and we will continue striving to make our jail safe,” he said.

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