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Texas Woman Shares Nightmare Experience with Big Star Ford; Dealership Apologizes and Agrees to Buy Back Damaged Car

MANVEL, TX – A car buying experience turned nightmare for a Texas woman has sparked outrage and a plea for awareness online. Chassie Williams took to social media on August 5, 2023, to share her ordeal with Big Star Ford in Manvel, TX, after purchasing a “Certified Pre-Owned” 2022 Ford Expedition that was later found to be wrecked and unsafe.

Williams, who initially bought the vehicle on July 27, 2023, quickly noticed issues with the car on her commute home. Trusting the dealership’s certification and the accompanying warranty, she arranged for an inspection at a local Ford dealer she knew and trusted.

The inspection revealed significant hidden damage to the vehicle, from front to back, including bent parts, loose bolts, and incorrectly wired harnesses. Williams then contacted Big Star Ford, asking them to buy back the car and compensate her interest since they had already sold her trade-in.

The situation escalated as the dealership initially refused to acknowledge the damage and even offered to buy back the vehicle for less than Williams paid. Williams shared her story online, including pictures of the wrecked car and its matching VIN, in a passionate plea to warn others about the dangers of trusting a dealer’s certification.

24 hours after her post, the General Manager of Big Star Ford called Williams to apologize and confirmed that they had bought the car from a different auction and were unaware of the damage. He assured her that the dealership would investigate their service department, buy the car back at the same value, and send a tow truck for the vehicle.

The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of verifying the condition of a used car, even when purchasing from a certified dealer. The trust between the dealership and its customers is paramount, and the oversight at Big Star Ford has led to scrutiny of their certification and inspection practices.

Williams’s post ended with a warning: “Big Star Ford CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? I bought a car and TRUSTED you and your CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED! … You sold me a wrecked unsafe vehicle for my family! Hopefully this can help the next family because a CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED is only as good as the dealerships’ ethics!”

As of the writing of this article, Big Star Ford has not released an official statement regarding the incident. The situation serves as a stark reminder to car buyers to exercise due diligence, even when purchasing a “certified” vehicle, and to hold dealers accountable for their commitments.

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