Why Curbing Surge Pricing Is a Blow to Drivers

As drivers, we all know the importance of surge pricing. It’s not just about earning extra during peak hours; it’s about fairness and compensation for the additional efforts, time, and costs involved in being available during high-demand times.

Lyft’s decision to curb surge pricing by increasing driver supply may seem like a win for riders, but for drivers, it’s a significant blow. Here’s why:

1. Lower Earnings: Surge pricing often represents a vital income boost, especially for those of us driving full-time or relying on this income to support our families. Without these occasional fare increases, many drivers will see a significant decrease in their earnings.

2. Increased Costs: The fare prices are often the same as the IRS deduction rate for mileage. This means that once you factor in fuel, maintenance, insurance, and other operating expenses, there’s barely any profit left. Reducing the surge pricing means even less revenue to cover these costs.

3. No Incentive for Peak Hours: Surge pricing incentivizes drivers to be available during busy times, such as rush hours or special events. Without it, there’s less motivation to endure the stress and traffic of these peak times, yet riders will still expect the same level of availability.

4. Undervaluing Our Work: By curbing surge pricing, the company may be sending the message that our extra efforts during high-demand times are not worth additional compensation. This undervalues our work, our time, and our dedication to providing a critical service.

As drivers, we must unite and make our voices heard. If you believe in fair compensation for your work, join us in protesting this decision. Here’s how you can get involved:

2. Connect with Local Organizations: Reach out to driver advocacy groups in your area to join local protests and campaigns.

1. Share Your Story: Use social media to share your personal story and how this change will affect you. Tag David Risher, current CEO of Lyft, with the hashtag #DriversDeserveFairPay.

Together, we can fight for our rights, our income, and the respect we deserve as hardworking drivers. Let’s stand united and demand fair fares and fair treatment. Join us today and make your voice heard by tagging @davidrisher and using #DriversDeserveFairPay!

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