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Brush Fire Near I-35 Contained at Half-Acre: Origin Traced to Encampment

(AUSTIN, TX) – Firefighters successfully contained a brush fire that erupted near I-35 and Stassney, preventing further spread. The fire was limited to a half-acre, and no injuries were reported.

Officials have identified the origin of the fire as an encampment in the vicinity. The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation, and authorities are working to understand the circumstances leading to the blaze.

Traffic in the area was temporarily affected as emergency services worked to extinguish the flames, but normal flow has since been restored.

Residents are reminded to exercise caution with open flames, particularly during dry conditions, and to report any suspicious activities or signs of fire to local authorities promptly. The swift response in this case undoubtedly prevented a more significant incident, emphasizing the importance of community vigilance.

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