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9-Year-Old Boy Dies of Malnourishment in Southwest Houston; Siblings Also Found Malnourished

(SOUTHWEST HOUSTON, TX) – In a heartbreaking incident, a 9-year-old boy was found dead of apparent malnourishment at an apartment complex in Southwest Houston. The Houston Police Department responded to a call at 11700 Algonquin at the Valencia Grove Apartments at 4:56 a.m., where neighbors had discovered the child unresponsive.

Assistant Chief Hatcher of the Houston Police Department briefed the media on the tragic event. Neighbors had heard the mother’s screams for help and found the boy dead on the floor. They began CPR, and firefighters continued resuscitation efforts. The child was transported to the hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased.

Two other children, aged 4 and 3, were also living in the apartment and were found malnourished. The 9-year-old boy had been suffering from long-term medical illnesses and recent medical conditions, though it is unknown if those contributed to his death.

Child Protective Services has been called in, and a homicide investigation is underway. A neighbor mentioned that the children had been asking for food. The mother and her three children had been living in the apartment complex for two months. Although food was found in the kitchen, the apartment had little furniture.

The circumstances that led to this tragic event are under investigation, and community members are left to grapple with the devastating loss of a young life. Authorities are working to ensure the well-being of the surviving siblings and to understand the full scope of this deeply disturbing situation.

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